The Great Beatles Hoax

My new book Seattle Spin begins with a true story that sends you on a trip back in time.  A Beatle is “almost” married, a powerful music impresario is brought to his knees, a rock star is cut down before his time and a cross-country murder spree comes to light.

This account from the “Seattle Post Intelligencer” tells only the tip of the tale:

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Throughout the day, rumors flew around the city that Paul McCartney would marry Jane Asher after the evening show. McCartney had been dating the English actress for more than a year and was questioned about this at the press conference. “I just got in today and found out I was getting married,” pondered a perplexed Paul. “How did it all start, does anybody know?”

After the show, the Beatles were whisked away from the Coliseum in their limousine for a return trip to the airport. Some reporters were already there, doggedly following up on rumors that Jane Asher might have arrived on a Northwest Airlines jet at 7:55 to marry Paul. She hadn’t, much to the relief of many a heartstruck teen.