Black Ball

Cappy’s Corner

September 22 … The drumbeat of enthusiasm over the World Series meeting between the lowly Brooklyn Dodgers and the mighty New York Yankees runs the risk of being drowned out by the persistent rumors that professional gamblers are looking forward to these games with particular interest. Now these are just rumors, mind you. And nobody’s ever proven that a mob group called “The Baltimore Crew” really exists. But…

What the devil has Railroad Detective Francis X. Chatterton gotten himself into this time? Populated by slugging centerfielders, ruthless mobsters and feckless hangers-on, A Devil in the Dugout will keep you on the edge of your bleacher seat from 1st inning to last.

The Great Beatles Hoax

My new book Seattle Spin begins with a true story that sends you on a trip back in time.  A Beatle is “almost” married, a powerful music impresario is brought to his knees, a rock star is cut down before his time and a cross-country murder spree comes to light.

This account from the “Seattle Post Intelligencer” tells only the tip of the tale:

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Throughout the day, rumors flew around the city that Paul McCartney would marry Jane Asher after the evening show. McCartney had been dating the English actress for more than a year and was questioned about this at the press conference. “I just got in today and found out I was getting married,” pondered a perplexed Paul. “How did it all start, does anybody know?”

After the show, the Beatles were whisked away from the Coliseum in their limousine for a return trip to the airport. Some reporters were already there, doggedly following up on rumors that Jane Asher might have arrived on a Northwest Airlines jet at 7:55 to marry Paul. She hadn’t, much to the relief of many a heartstruck teen.